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Clearnanotech is a commercial service company that provides a broad range of energy solutions using highly innovative and mature technologies to reach Net Zero Energy Buildings.
All these solutions under the umbrella of an all - in - one service will help to maximize efficiency and reduce environmental impact of the buildings.
Each of our projects is tailor made using and complementary products of our portfolio in order to reach the highest performance. So we achieve the optimum in energy performance of the building becoming easy in the use, comprehensive in the function and secure in the return of investment for each of our customers.
We perform using different smart technologies and a clear add value concept in one system composed of three elements:



This is the initial part of the whole solution. Energy generation is composed of the application of the most suitable technologies for each particular building. Depending of geographical location, orientation, year of construction, applied building structures and others, we choose the most attractive configuration of energy generators and build an optimal business case for our customers.
We apply the mature and innovative technology of our world leading partners. The result is an unique proposal, an intelligent mix of the following segments:

  • Photovoltaic for roof & glass facades
  • Solar thermal
  • Micro wind
  • Smart storage
  • Heating systems
  • Photocatalytic coatings


The second part consists in the optimal management of the generated energy. Intelligent systems and tools help to maximize this energy and make it easy to use for building owners and facility managers.

  • Intelligent buildings ecosystem
  • Control systems
  • Wireless technologies
  • Services

CERTIFICATION & HANDING OUT (integration grid)

The final part of our solution cements legally the add value of the new building: generation and management become a substantial, tangible and formal commitment between the new building and the local authorities. The building will be updated into the next level of energy sufficiency: the Net Zero Energy Building.
We back up in front of the responsible authorities (with tools, documents and respective agreements) the new status of the building: the new building is officially recognized under local and worldwide standards.
The building becomes a part of the self-sufficient green buildings group: it generates its own energy and the property can be sold for a higher price.

  • LEED & similar Green building accreditation
  • Real cost & ROI effectiveness
  • Total building certificate (e-generation, e-savings, e-environment, e-grid)

Our responsibility is to provide a reliable, active and smart building envelope for the interaction between weather conditions and human beings


Our company provides differentiated products and solutions for each of the building segments: residential, commercial and industrial

    We evaluate the optimal generation capability of the existing or planed building.

    We make an optimization for the building and an attractive return on investment proposal to our customers (which includes technical and economical details).

    We execute as defined in our schedule using state of the art technologies. At the end of this phase your building will start energy generation on all applied technologies.


    We merge all the generated electricity applying easy to use software and tools, making easy to read, regulate and optimize all the devices for customers.

    You will be advised to choose the best option for running the system, the only thing you do is to press the OK button.

    We link all the output and daily results to a management center securing the optimization of the whole system at all times.

    You get a comprehensive E-report and quarterly one page updates on overall results to the local authorities and all related entities that generate revenues.


    We take care of the local approval and certification processes to get the whole system approved and recognized.

    Our associated companies have the experience to successfully get trough the whole approval procedures. Our legal department makes everything easy and understandable for the customers. The new building can now officially start to save costs and earn money based on established contracts.

The spirit of introducing new technological perspectives to improve and continuously evolve the building skin


On the way to implement our actual strategy, we provided innovative products to different surfaces of the building, achieving a leading technologically role for the execution of these projects:

  • BASF
  • Thyssen Krupp
  • Veolia
  • Acciona
  • Estudio Lamela
  • General Motors
  • Webasto
  • JCDecaux
  • Porsche
  • Tecnicas Reunidas
  • Endesa
  • Inditex